3 Shortcuts to Decrease Distraction and Get More Done

3 Shortcuts to Help Find Concentration and Get More Done

Ever wondered how to find concentration when you really need it? I’ve wrestled with this question too, and through a lot of experiments I’ve found a few things that have worked extremely well for me, as well as my clients.

Here are three shortcuts to find concentration, decrease distraction, and become more productive.

  1. Notice when you’re most likely to get distracted and make a plan – if you find reading, analyzing the budget, attending marathon conference or a certain time of day are times when you get distracted… turn-off the distraction temporarily by creating a plan on how to handle it. I share some tips on how to do this in the video.
  2. Optimize your calendar – Do your worst work first, break your big task into smaller ones, schedule around your natural energy level…
  3. Create a Visual Cue – use a Post-it Note with your biggest priority written on it, your to do list, or calendar.

Which shortcut will you use? Please share in the comments below.


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