The First Step to Discovering Job Satisfaction

How to Find Job Satisfaction

There are two types of work: soul-filling work and soul-crushing work. The first step in finding job satisfaction is to identify soul-filling work.

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How to Get Your Manager to Like You

How to Get Your Boss to Like You

Ever wondered, “how do I get my manager to like me”? This is a great question to ask because when your manager likes you, you’re happier, more engaged, and even sleep better at night.

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5 Ways Employee Complaints Can Propel Your Company Forward

Employee Complaints Can Propel Your Company Forward

Employees complain, and how leaders respond determines success and can propel your entire organization forward. Here’s how…

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9 Reasons You Don’t Need a New Job

9 Reasons You Don't Need to Find A New Job

So you’re not happy with your job, and you’re thinking maybe you should find a new job.

What if I said that staying and capitalizing on your current job is a much better option. You don’t believe it? Read on to discover the 9 reasons why you shouldn’t find a new job.

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How to Stop Wasting Time

How To Stop Wasting Time

Did you know that you waste time when you switch between activities? You’re wasting time because every time you switch to a new task it leaves “attention residue” that negatively impacts your efficiency. So try this one strategy to eliminate the need for task switching and stop wasting time…

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3 Shortcuts to Decrease Distraction and Get More Done

3 Shortcuts to Help Find Concentration and Get More Done

Ever wondered how to find concentration when you really need it? I’ve wrestled with this question too, and through a lot of experiments I’ve found a few things that have worked extremely well for me, as well as my clients.

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5 Ways to Seamlessly Handle Interruptions While Staying in Flow

5 Ways to Seamlessly Handle Interruptions and Stay on Track

When you stay on task, you get more work done and get a greater return on your focus. Interruptions are inevitable so adopt a strategy to handle them and stay on task.

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3 Ways to Immediately Create More Time

How to Take Time for Yourself

How often are you told to take time for yourself? It’s sage advice that feels great and gives you that feeling of freedom. However it’s easy to give this statement a giant eye roll. We all know it’s important take time for yourself but how? I share three practical strategies in this video to create more time for yourself today.

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5 Unexpected Places to Free Up More Time

How to Find Time in 5 Unexpected Places

Do you sometimes wonder if it’s possible to find more time in your day? There are hidden pockets of time within your work day. I share 5 places you can find those pockets in this video.

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An Essential Strategy to Protect Your Time

Essential Time Management Activities to Protect Your Time

Would you like to know what time management activities will help you protect your valuable time? I share in this video how blocking time in your own calendar is an essential time management activity for every professional.

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