One Year Old Shares Secret to Finding the Job You Love

Get a Job You Love

I woke up early, and I was tired after a long night.

A phrase slipped out of my mouth I hoped never would.

It was significant, and I’ll never forget it.

I said it to my one year old daughter.

“Honey, Daddy has to go to work today.”

This may be something you’ve said before too but have you really considered the repercussions?

The Benefits of Finding the Job you Love

This simple statement I made revealed one of my self-limiting beliefs about having a job.

It was keeping me confined, trapped, and was made impossible to find the job I love.

When you find the job you love, you reap the benefits like:

  • Wake-up Early – You stop hitting the snooze button on the alarm clock and start leaping out of bed in the morning.
  • Have Higher Levels of Energy – You get stuff done all day at work and still have enough energy to work-out, cook dinner, and spend time with the family.
  • Sleep Easier on Sunday Night – You look forward to Mondays and even start finding yourself disappointed that the work day actually ends.

On a larger scale, when people have jobs they love the office is a much more exciting, inspiring place to be.

The Mindset of Finding a Job You Love

The language you use to talk about your job reveals if you’re giving yourself permission to have a job you love in the first place.

Consider for a moment how many “have to’s” you actually enjoy versus how many “get to’s” you enjoy..

If you’re using the language of “have to” about your job then your destined not to find the job you love.

It may seem subtle but there’s a huge difference between “Dad gets to go to work” vs. “Dad has to go to work”.

Do you see the difference?

In one mindset you’re required to go to work.

It doesn’t even seem like you have a choice.

If your job is always, just another “have to” then you’ll never have the job you love.

Alternatively, the other way frames your job as an opportunity.

This is the mindset of possibility, self-expression, and a much more exciting outlook on the world.

Maybe you’re using the “have to go” language out of habit, but that’s exactly the point.

When you’re habitually referring to work as a “have to”, your mind, body, and spirit can’t help absorb it.

It’s soaked up by your co-workers and even your family.

The Key to Finding the Job You Love

Giving yourself permission is the first hurdle to finding the job you love.

If you don’t believe you can have it and that it’s out there, then you’ll never find it.

It’s easy to get distracted along the way because work can be filled with lots of tedious tasks and thus lots of distractions.

The mistake is that you’ll never start exploring until you recognize you can have it. 

Find a Job You Love

The Culture of Finding a Job you Love

It makes it even tougher when it seems like society is stacked against you.

There’s a common story in business culture that work has to be a struggle and definitely “not fun”.

This idea that works has to be hard shows up in the everyday language we use.

You’ve probably heard the typical phrases like:

  • Work described as “the grind”
  • “Another day, another dollar”
  • “I’ll never make a living doing that”

Or the repetitive dinner time discussion, “Honey, how was work today?…fine”, which is about a non-descriptive as you can get.

Popular songs about work aren’t really helping out either with finding the job you love.

Although you’ve probably listened to these for years, have you ever thought about the message they send about the finding the job you love (or rather don’t)?

Job You Love

  • 9-5 (so hard to make a livin’), Dolly Parton
  • Don’t have to be til’ Monday;
  • Shift Work; Kenny Chesney
  • 5 o’clock somewhere; Jimmy Buffet, Alan Jackson
  • Red, White, Pink Slip Blues; Hank Williams, Jr
  • Take this Job and Shove It, Hank Williams, Jr
  • Maggie’s Farm, Bob Dylan
  • Workin’ for a Livin’; Huey Lewis and The News
  • Day sleeper, REM
  • Chain Gang, Sam Cooke
  • Get a Job, The Silhouettes
  • Big Boss Man, Jimmy Reed
  • Welcome to the Working Week, Elvis Costello

3 Steps to Finding the Job you Love

The good news is that you don’t have to be trapped in that story that work and the job you love can’t co-exist.

By exploring your own beliefs, you can open up new doors to connecting with your passion and ultimately the job you love.

Here are 3 simple steps to get you rolling:

  1. Attention – Start by actually thinking about it. It seems like people more doing laundry or mowing the lawn than actually think finding the job they love. Just by thinking about it can make new possibilities come into view.
  2. Stop – This one seems obvious but it’s worth pointing out. Before you find the job you love, it helps to stop doing some of the things you don’t.  Identify those and consider saying no or handing them off. This will create space for what you love to show up.
  3. Start Questioning – Start asking yourself why work has to be difficult and tedious.

Where did that belief come from?

What’s the consequence of that belief?

If you did have the job you loved, what would it look like?

To finding the job you love!


PS: Please share your favorite songs about work in the comments below. I’ll include them in a future post.  Remember you can always use an alias if you want to remain anonymous.


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