The Simple Job Satisfaction Formula

Job Satisfaction can be This Easy

There’s a simple formula for job satisfaction.  Master this one formula, and you finish your work day energized and perhaps even a little disappointed that the work day is over…even realizing that you get to do it all over tomorrow.

This empowers you to increase your own job satisfaction and is established on the important truth:

Not all work increases job satisfaction. Your job will always have a mix of energizing and depleting work hours. The trick here is to master the ratio…

  • Depleting Hours > Energizing Hours = Job Dissatisfaction
  • Depleting < Energizing Hours = Job Satisfaction

To apply the formula follow these two steps:

Step 1:  Track

Track your personal ratio of depleting hours to energizing hours, and adjust with this exercise. Many of my clients like to use red and green notebooks.  For a week carry two small notebooks, green and red. Write down all your work activities including emailing, presentations, meetings, research, analysis, etc…

Step 2: Notice the Patterns

As you complete this activity, notice your energy level and look for any patterns.  If you feel more energized afterwards, write it down in the green book; and if your feel depleted write it down in the red one.

For example, if you have a meeting where you have less energy afterwards, put it in the red notebook. Likewise, if you really enjoyed doing it then write it down in the green notebook. Notice patterns that emerge.

When you go through the notebook exercise, classify everything. These two logs are helpful in discovering patterns to increase your job satisfaction.

Step 3:  Increase Your Energizing Hours

Look for ways to increase your energizing hours. Delegate, collaborate, innovate, and modify these hours, so you finish your work day on a positive. If you continue to finish your day with too many depleting hours, then begin to look for after work activities to improve your net total of energizing hours.

Tips for Mastering the Job Satisfaction Formula

Your energizing activities are unique to you: When you work together as a team, you have coworkers, a boss, and third parties with whom you can work with for assistance. Their energizing activities will be different than yours, and that is where collaboration opportunities come into the picture.

There is no net neutral activity: All work activities will either increase or decrease your energy level.  There is no net neutrality.

Work that energizes you, may drain someone else:  Someone who enjoys the work that drains you; share your dreaded work activities with them.

Disregard the guilt: Realize there is no reason to feel guilty about your soul-crushing activities. Accept that it is not about you or about your job; it’s just about the alignment that’s taking place here. Once you know how things are, you can start to take some small actions to achieve greater job satisfaction.

So, what are you waiting for? Start working on the notebook exercise today, and master the job satisfaction formula.

To greater job satisfaction,


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