How to Increase Your Satisfaction with the Job You Have

Three Steps to Incease Your Job Satisfaction

Have you ever come across one of those articles about the careers with the highest job satisfaction?  Frankly, there is little more annoying unless you’re one of the lucky ones to be a Petroleum Engineer…one of the top on the list.

It can feel like getting kicked while you’re down, but the good news is there are a few steps you can take to increase your job satisfaction with the job you have even it your job never makes the top job satisfaction list.

Here are three quick steps to increase your own job satisfaction with the job you have:

Step 1: Modify your Current Job

  • Bring skills you enjoy to your demotivating work – You can increase your job satisfaction if you combine an activity you enjoy with your demotivating work.

When I used to work as an industrial engineer, I didn’t enjoy the actual engineer work — quite a dilemma. 

What I discovered though was that I loved presenting and teaching others.  So I began combining my presenting and teaching skills with my engineering work and things got much better.  My job satisfaction increased, and I stayed in that position much longer than I would have otherwise.

  • Leverage technology to work more efficiently – You can use technology to reduce your effort in activities you don’t like. For example, maybe you don’t enjoy answering verbatim emails one after another. To deal with this you can have keyboard shortcuts that allow you to give rapid fire responses to common questions. This simple tweak can save you a lot of time to do more of things you love.

Step 2: Collaborate, Collaborate and Collaborate

Create win-win with your coworkers – Seek positive collaborators within your work day. You can think of this in two ways.

  • Make a list of coworkers you have a positive connection with at work.  See how you can proactively work with them on future projects.
  • Exchange work activities with your co-workers.  Make a list if your closest three coworkers and the work they enjoy most. Have a conversation around how you might be able to help each doing work you enjoy most.

Step 3: Reschedule When You Do Your Work

You can schedule when you do your favorite work to increase your job satisfaction even more:

  • First thing after lunch – Putting these activities the first thing after lunch can give you something to look forward to after you have had that long break.
  • Following demotivating work – Putting the things you love after demotivating activities can serve like a light at the end of the tunnel.
  • The last thing before you leave office – it can give you something to look forward to all day long. Also, it can leave you energized after work for the rest of the evening.

You can also schedule when you do your demotivating work to make it more motivating:

  • First thing when you wake up – You get that feeling of accomplishment you can carry throughout the day.
  • Putting it on a Saturday or Sunday – When you’re looking forward to a fun filled day, it can make it easier to push through the demotivating work.
  • Finish it right before it’s due – There is nothing that motivates like a deadline!

Right now…

Apply one modification from the ones listed to your job today and notice how it can increase your job satisfaction.


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  • Michael LaRocca

    Reply Reply May 31, 2017

    You wouldn’t be reading this blog post if you weren’t somehow dissatisfied with your job, so why not give this advice a shot? It looks mighty good to me.

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