This Song Inspires Your Career

Supply and Demand

Once you start becoming aware of your own job burnout, you begin to discover inspiration in unexpected places.

I turned on the radio yesterday in my car and heard a song I’d heard before, but I heard it much differently.

I found myself getting swept up in the lyrics and really savoring the moment.

Then a subscriber sent me an email the same day saying he was in “limbo” at work and trying to find some motivation to keep going.

So here’s a little work day nugget for you.

If you know someone who needs a little pick up today, then please forward this to them.

It’s called Supply and Demand by Amos Lee, and I think you’ll really like it.

When you read lyrics below, you’ll also get my own comments between the lines in bold.

I recommending kicking off the video here and then follow along with the lyrics below.

This is a really cool live version I ran across.

If you want to hear studio version, you can check it out here.

Supply and Demand by Amos Lee

(Comments by Your Personal Burnout Specialist)

Somethin’ gotta give with the way I’m livin’

Seems I’m gettin’ down everyday

The more I strive, the less I’m alive

And seems i’m gettin’ further away

Ben  – So working harder but living less. Sound familiar?

Oh well all my superstitions

And my crazy suspicions

Of the people that I care about

I’ve been doin’ more screamin’

Than I’ve been doin’ dreamin’

And I think it’s time I figure it out

Ben-Reaching the job burnout tipping point…Paranoia and lashing out at those who love you most.   Doing more ‘screamin’ than ‘dreamin’ is a rhyme stuck in head.

Baby i need a plan

Oh, to understand

That life ain’t only supply and demand

Ben-I think Amos is right…a plan to understand, man.

I’ve been goin’ joggin’ in the park after dark

Draggin’ ’round with me my ball and chain

Took southern skies to make me realize

That I’m causin’ myself this pain

Ben-When you hate your job it is like your being bogged down by a heavy weight.  Can you imagine though jogging with a ball and chain? That’s what it’s like when you’re flying through your work week getting stuff down with paying attention to the stress, pressure, and burnout.  This metaphor also makes me think of the golden handcuffs that can keep you shackled to a gig you don’t like.

Well the woman that I’m lovin’

Yeah I’m pushin’ and shovin’

Getting further on by the day

And I can’t understand

How the heart of this man

Ever let it end up this way

Ben –When you hate your job it’s like a wedge between you and those who love you.  It leaves you questioning how you ever went down this defunct career path in the first place.

Baby I need a plan

Oh to understand

That life ain’t only supply and demand

Ben – OMG. Yes, I need a plan to not only get it through my head but also how to have the job I love and pay the bills.

When the road gets dark and lonesome dear

You can find me here
But honey you don’t know where I am

You need a friend, yeah

Ben-When you’ve got job burnout it’s tough on those around you.  Even though they want to help you it comes down to you asking for support yourself.

Life ain’t easy
In fact I know it’s sleazy

When you’re the big man in town

Shakin’ religions

And makin’ decisions

You never get to slow on down

Ben –The higher you rise in your organization and the more successful you are, the more stressful life can be.  Starting to smell the burnout here…

Well your wife and your baby

You tell them yeah well maybe
“ I’ll meet y’all at a weekend resort”

But your eyes on the prize

And you can’t realize

That your little girl’s life’s so short

Ben –Totally lost it on this lyric and began tearing up.  

I know this scenario is familiar to you. It is to me.

Brother you need a plan

Oh to understand

That life ain’t only supply and demand

Yeah sister you need a plan

Oh to understand

That life ain’t only supply and demand

Ben-Third time is the charm.  Life and your career ultimately ain’t about supply and demand.

Hey, you better figure it out now

You know you ain’t comin’ back down, yeah

You better figure it out now

You know you ain’t comin’ back down

Ben-That’s a wake up call.  Nobody gets a life time rehearsal.  Life’s short.

What other songs that inspire you?

Please leave them in the comments below.

To Igniting Your Career!



  • Sarah Swingle

    Reply Reply August 3, 2012

    Wow, I’ve heard this song many times before, but I’ve never paid attention to the lyrics. Great insights.

    I can’t think of another song that inspires me like this right now, but it made me think of the lines in the e.e. cummings poem “since feeling is first:”

    “we are for each other; then
    laugh, leaning back in my arms
    for life’s not a paragraph

    And death i think is no parenthesis”

    It makes me try to live life in the moment and pay attention to those I love.

    • benfanning

      Reply Reply August 3, 2012

      I love this poetry addition!

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