9 Reasons You Don’t Need a New Job

9 Reasons You Don't Need to Find A New Job

So you’re not happy with your job, and you’re thinking maybe you should find a new job.

What if I said that staying and capitalizing on your current job is a much better option.  You don’t believe it?

Read on to discover the 9 reasons why you don’t need a new job.

1. Leverage – The most important reason is leverage or the ability to influence the system because of your tenure. When you stay in your job for a long time, you have the time develop these deep working relationships.  Having negotiated on my on behalf and many others do the same, these are golden opportunities to create your ‘dream job.’

2. The Devil You Know – Number two comes from the ease of knowing what you’re up against. When you ‘know”, you can plan, strategize, and execute.  When you don’t, you’re always winging it.

3. Status – Social status comes with knowing how to respond to “so what do you do?” at cocktail parties. When you work for a company that people know, it gives you this credibility factor.  People accept your LinkedIn invitations. Social status is a very important reason why you shouldn’t find a new job.

4. Trust – After you have worked with a company for awhile you know who you can trust.  You know who’s delivered in the past, and who you can count on in the future. When you find a new job, you’ve got to figure this out all over again.

5. Independence – Most people don’t realize how independent they are in their current jobs. When you find a new job, you have to ask a lot of questions…and this is exhausting….where is the bathroom, can I expense this glass of wine, how to do I login, how to fill out expense forms…  This can drive people nuts!

6. Confidence – The longer your remain in your current job, the more confidence you develop. You become like a skilled tennis player going to where the ball is going before it’s even hit.  Certain “fire drills” become routine, and you’re able to anticipate issues before they arise.   You are more prepared and confident you can handle what may be coming around the corner.

7. Knowledge – When you work in a job for long time you accumulate a lot of historical knowledge of the organization. This helps you avoid mistakes and “bad projects” where you’ve seen other employees go down.  Plus, you can even recycle solutions that have worked previously and others may have forgotten about…and look like a genius!

8. Time-off – Please don’t forget time off. More seniority = more time off.  Even if your company has unlimited vacation, you probably won’t feel comfortable using it unless you’ve been around awhile.

9. Money – 401(k) vesting and company matching is a very big reason why you shouldn’t find a new job. A lot of companies require a minimum of 3 to 5 years before you are fully vested in the 401(k) matching program.  Sure you can roll it over to a new company but you likely won’t get company matching until a few years down the road.

As you can see, there are many reasons why should hang on instead of finding a new job.  Select the reason above that most resonates with you and write it down on a post-it note.  Add it to the bottom of your computer as a reminder during your most frustrating work days.

Remember, where you are is the best place to make your stand.


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